The Wisdom of Vysotsky



For the non-Russian speakers, it says: “Even if you are right 1000 times over, what good is it if your woman is crying?”
-V. S. Vysotsky

Le Mot Juste


The phrase “le mot juste” (“the right word”) was coined by Gustave Flaubert, who often spent weeks agonizing over the choice of the right word to express something.

“Why the Capacity for Boredom Is Essential for a Full Life”


Excellent article on boredom and psychology in the age of social networks and smart phones:

“This, I think, is how we as grownups in the modern world often go through life. Our version of being good is being productive. Choosing constant distraction or busyness — two sides of the same coin — we seek to avoid not boredom and passivity, but end up robbing ourselves of presence, because presence presupposed a detachment from what we look forward to, what is to come, and a mindful groundedness in what is. This is the cultural pathology of our time: If we stopped doing what we do, we might not know who we are. As I’ve reflected before, to cultivate the art of presence in the age of productivity is no easy feat.”

Louis CK on the same: