Lacan, Freud on Foreclosure and Repression


Sigmund Freud began to explore the distinction between repression (which he argued led to neuroses) and what he called ‘disavowal’ or total rejection and denial of particular unassimilable facts. Jacques Lacan continued this line of analysis, developing more clearly the distinction between repression–>neurosis and ‘disclosure’–>psychosis. Often this total inability to cope with the Real is connected, he argues, to a collapse of the function of the Father (Symbolic), as described here:

When the Name-of-the-Father is foreclosed for a particular subject, it leaves a hole in the Symbolic order which can never be filled. The subject can then be said to have a psychotic structure, even if he shows none of the classical signs of psychosis. When the foreclosed Name-of-the-Father re-appears in the Real, the subject is unable to assimilate it and the result of this collision between the subject and the inassimilable signifier of the Name-of-the-father is the entry into psychosis proper characterized by the onset of hallucinations and/or delusions

Dovlatov on courage

Истинное мужество в том, чтобы любить жизнь, зная о ней всю правду.
-Сергей Довлатов

True courage is loving life while knowing all the truth about it.
-Sergei Dovlatov